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 This is our time.

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This is our time. Empty
PostSubject: This is our time.   This is our time. Icon_minitimeTue Nov 16, 2010 2:37 am

Kirsty is seen standing backstage in her usual interview area. Some EMTs stroll past her and she shoots them a "get the hell out" kind of look. She composes herself then looks at the camera.

Kirsty: As you may have seen earlier I found Spriorite in his locker room with Katz, that's not unusual but what is unusual is that the room had been trashed. I don't know who the culprits were but I'm hoping to get an explaination soon as they have agreed to give me an interview.She looks

down the corridor to her right.

Kirsty: Here they are now.

The camera turns to show Spriorite and Katz walking up the corridor towards Kirsty. They stand next to her and Spriorite flicks his hair out of his eyes with his right hand showing a bandage on his forehead and one of his fist.

Kirsty: How are you two? Are you settled after the events of earlier?

Spriorite: We're fine yeah. I wouldn't really call them "events", I just got a bit angry.

Kirsty's face is one of pure shock.

Kirsty: That was you?

Spriorite: Uhh yeah ... Who did you think it would be?

Kirsty: I thought it was like those guys in Nemesis or something.

She pulls a face of disgust at the name. Spriorite and Katz laugh.

Katz: Do you think we would really let them do what they've done to us a third time?

Spriorite: Fool us once, shame on you! Fool us twice, shame on us!, Fool us thrice and you're going to get curbstomped by The Eruption!

Katz shouts out "yeah" in agreement and the tag team share a high five. Kirsty lets out a laugh.

Kirsty: How are you planning on dealing with these guys? There's still the issue of the Eternal Isles tag titles being at stake.

Spriorite: How do you think we're going to deal with it? We're going to do what we do every night.

Kirsty: Try to take over the world?

Spriorite: No ... I think you'll find that's Pinky and the Brain.

Kirsty: Oh, yeah.

Spriorite looks at Kirsty with an amused look.

Spriorite: We're going to win. You got any more questions?

Kirsty: Umm no, not that I can think of off the top of my head anyway.

Spriorite: ok then well we've got to go get ready for our match tonight, and I also need to ring some furniture salesmen. See you later Kirsty!

Katz bids farewell to Kirsty too then both her and Spriorite turn and walk down the corridor as Kirsty chuckles to herself.

Kirsty: I do love those two.

The camera cuts to black.
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This is our time.
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