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PostSubject: AnthraX   AnthraX Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 1:30 am

Name: AnthraX

Type: Resistance

Wieght: 250

Hight: 6'1

Entrance song: The Sound of Madness by: Shinedown

Training out of: Zurich, Switzerland

Age: 25

Finisher: Severe Skull Trauma(SST for short)(Reverse Jumping STO)

--Apocalyptic Punt (Bicycle kick)
--Apocalyptic Suplex (Snap Suplex)

Wrestling attire:
--cammo shorts
--steel toe combat boots

Bio: AnthraX is a kid that grew up on the streets. As a kid he got involved in the gangs in Chicago. He got shot 7 times in the back and left that life behind him. He fled the United States for Switzerland. In Switzerland he looked deep inside himself to find out what to do with his life. He remembered always watching wrestling with his dad and it brought back good memories. He began training the very next day. He then trained for a couple years and a video tape of him wrestling made it's way all the way to GWA. The tap saw AnthraX getting hit in the gut with a sludge hammer 6 times before he fell down. They signed him and fly him into Galactic City, but once he got their he made a bad choice of tag partner and that brought back some of his gang side. Now AnthraX wrestles by prison wrestling rules. He does what ever it take to win the match and collect his paycheck. AnthraX was also the last holder of the TWG/GWA Eclipse title.

AnthraX 12320510

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